What we offer

We also provide a range of other raw materials including yeast extract, MSG replacer, egg powders, bread crumbs etc.

Egg Powder

Egg yolk powder, egg white powder, and whole egg powder. We have heat stable egg powders, from free-range and caged chicken sources

Bread crumbs

High standard bread crumbs by Today’s Ingredients for usage in frozen food, thickening stews, adding inexpensive bulk to soups, etc.

Modified starches

Cargill’s modified starches for gelling, thickening, bulking, and improving the overall texture of food and beverages.

Gums and stabilizers

Cargill’s range of gums and stabilizers for sauces and dressings, dairy, and a variety of other uses.


Graficas Salaet provides customized paper cups and trays for the cakes and cupcakes industry


Fine quality semolina by Bellevue for improving the quality of pasta and bread by adding the necessary proteins

Starch Trays

A huge variety of starch trays and custom design for cooling and hardening of confectionery products, ensuring easy handling of the confectionery moulds.