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Helperco Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1960 as an indenting house, dealing with raw materials and machineries for food, beverages and confectionery industry, such as flavors, chocolates, stabilizers, etc. Our company has a history of representing top-of-the-line products by our internationally renowned suppliers, establishing a good reputation in the local market. 

Food Segment

We are fully committed to providing food ingredients to the food & beverage industry, including bakery, confectionery, dairy, snack, and frozen food industry.


We cater to the demands of bakery segment by providing flavors, emulsifiers, and preservatives for the bakery items.


We supply high-quality flavours and seasoning to the snack industry.


We provide a wide range of flavours for juices and carbonated soft drinks.


We offer unparalleled variety of flavours for confectionery items, along with specific ingredients such as pectin.

Dairy & Ice-cream

We provide functional proteins, stabilizers and flavors for ice cream, yoghurt, dairy drinks and other dairy applications.


We also provide a range of other raw materials including yeast extract, MSG replacer, egg powders, bread crumbs etc.

Machines and Processing Plants

Our principals are specialized in providing complete solutions of high quality for machineries and plants for the food and soap industry.  From customized designing to manufacturing and from installation to after sales service, our principals have it all covered.


Dough-handling for a wide range of products, baking ovens, vacuum cooling equipment

Ice cream and frozen dessert

Entire manufacturing facility of ice-cream and other frozen desserts, from blending of ingredients to the hardening of the products


Complete production facility of sweets and other confectionery items from kitchen to depositing, shaping and cooling systems.


Chocolate grinding, ball-mill, moulding and enrobing equipment

fruit processing

Extraction of puree, pulp and juice from the natural fruit

Soap and detergent

Complete solution for smooth production of oleo-chemicals, soaps and detergents

Mayonnaise and shortening

Complete lines for preparation of shortening, sauces, and hot process and cold process mayonnaise


All kinds of packaging, such as volumetric packaging, twist wrapping, pillow packing, etc


We are proud to declare that our suppliers in each category are considered some of the best suppliers in their field of specialization. All our machinery suppliers are either of European or American Origin, providing uncompromising plants, tools and equipment for their respective industries. Similarly, our suppliers in the food industry are some of the most renowned ones, providing high quality, and meeting the expectation of the customers very precisely.