What we offer

Mazzoni LB is a major world player in the chemical industry for the proxy of soap (bars and liquids) through its chemical department, specialized in the design and supply of complete plants for the production of rim blocks, household and personal care products, downstream oleochemicals and bleach water.

DB Oleochemicals

Desmet Ballestra’s headquarters for the oleochemical & biodiesel activities are located in Brussels (Belgium). This is the product centre for the conception of high performance plants and components for:

Biodiesel & Methyl Esters processes;
Fatty acids processes;
Glycerine processes for sweet water, spent lyes and methylesters;
Fatty alcohol processes.

DB surfactants, detergents and chemicals

Production of formulated detergents, surfactants (Anionic, Non-ionic, Cationic and Amphoteric), auxiliaries, raw materials for the Detergent Industry (silicates, zeolites, LAB etc.), and several other specialty sulphonates (heavy alkylates, additives for lubricant oils, concrete plasticizers, etc.) and alkoxylates (Polyethers, polyols, PEGs, etc.). For the production of Sulphuric acid (and products related to such technologies such as liquid SO2), Phosphoric acid (both Merchant Grade and Purified), N-P-K granulated compounds, SSP, TSP, Potassium Sulphate and other phosphate-based fertilizers and chemical components.